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College Township Council
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November 2019

C-NET Candidate Night and Interview

Watch my 15 minute interview with Geoff Rushton from <click here>

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October 2019

League of Women Voters Elections Guide

Available on the Centre Daily Times web site <click here>.

If elected, what will be your three top priorities, and how will you address them?

In College Township we must strike the right balance between economic growth and quality of life for those who live and work here. Out of date zoning and ordinances must be updated and modernized to encourage desirable development. Residents already face significant impacts, such as increased residential traffic, from recent development that must also be addressed. 


Additionally, I support the development of a comprehensive College Township Land Use plan to guide future decision-making.


Finally, I will make it a priority to increase Township Council’s communication and engagement with the community. Not only will I promote the Township's social media communication strategy, I plan to focus on proactive outreach and improved responsiveness to ensure that all stakeholders are heard.


To address these and other issues I will leverage the values, skills, and experience gained over a successful 30+ year career in business and education in order to partner with residents, business owners, and community organizations as we navigate this time of significant challenge & great opportunity.

September 2019

College Township Newsletter - Municipal Elections Guide

The following responses will be published in the October College Township Newsletter - Municipal Election Guide.

Why do you desire to be an elected member of College Township Council?

My goal is to serve the best interests of the College Township community by not only offering a fresh perspective but by leveraging the values, skills, and experience earned over a successful 30+ year career in business and education. These core values - Fairness, Investment, and Community - along with a focus on Solutions, Communication, and maintaining an Open Mind, will help guide my every action and decision on Council. These principles and know-how are not only the foundation for wise and effective management, they are essential to forging creative, sustainable solutions that address the needs of everyone in our community.

What do you see as the most important issue(s) facing College Township over the next four years?

 In the next four years, College Township faces critical decisions that will affect the character and quality of life in our community for generations to come. The tremendous growth and change we are seeing across the Centre Region must be wisely managed in order to strike a proper balance between economic vitality, quality of life, and the preservation of everything that makes this such a special place to live, work, and visit. Unprecedented opportunities and challenges lie ahead. I believe that my unique skills and experience will be an asset to Council and our community as we move forward together.


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